Cooperation Relations

We are a cross-border e-commerce company that delivers products directly from manufacturers to our customers around the world. We offer customers a convenient way to shop for a wide selection of products at attractive prices through and our other websites by offering a wide variety of products at affordable prices, we hope to create a better lifestyle for people living in other countries and regions.

We target products that can offer our customers better choices and savings, such as fast fashion and home garden products. We also offer a wide range of other products in our other general merchandise product category, as well as high quality.

We serve customers globally without incurring the costs and complexities associated with establishing a traditional multinational retail infrastructure. Our major markets are Europe and North America. We use global online marketing platforms such as Google and Facebook to reach our customers, we accept payments through all major credit cards and electronic payment platforms such as PayPal, WorldPay and Global Collect and we deliver our goods through major international couriers, including DHL, UPS, DPD Royal Mail and EMS.